Yonatees creates and designs goods for seekers. We aim to serve as ushers: guiding you in small ways toward an optimistic and faithful time in this world. Also, our apparel is really comfortable.


At Yonatees, we believe that life with a Jewish heritage can be playful, surprising, and fun. We believe that faith, like bread, is best served fresh, even while our values, like wine, come with a serious vintage.

We bring you high-quality apparel, gear, stickers, posters, and designs. We think of our designs not as products but as reminders - of what we love and value most, in the least expected of places. We create clothing, accessories, and content that makes you smile, and surprises you into remembering how beautiful this world is. Our favorite designs punch loudly in small spaces, and actively demonstrate that no size is too small for joy. Our aesthetic sensibility emphasizes surprise, joy, and a hint of irreverence. Our tones are warm and funny-with-style.

Jews are increasingly looking to their religious world for more color and creativity, and for content and clothing that is authentic - not merely well-styled, but styled with something true at the heart of it. We’ve found that our designs that are most globally appreciated are the most specific in their concern, in that they are uniquely and specifically Jewish. Terence, the Roman playwright, has a famous line that reads: "Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto", or "I am human, and I think nothing human is alien to me.” We are Jewish, and nothing Jewish is alien to us. We started small, with one person tabling outside of music shows and farbrengens selling t-shirts and stickers. These spread by word-of-mouth, shared by those in the know who shared our mission to keep faith fresh and fun. Now we’re growing in our mission, as we see our community and reach growing beside us.

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Yonatees Makes You Smile

"Bodner tries to imbue each of his designs with a naturally positive bend toward Judaism. He has a positive outlook on life and hopes to help others find that as well. Yonatees exists to bring smiles."

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Customize With Yonatees

Jeff Bridges, whom you might know as The Dude, in conversation about his spiritual life, once said: “People talk about being seekers, searching for meaning, happiness, whatever. I think of myself as a finder, because I find all these things right around me.”

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iKeep: Solving the Teen “Half-Shabbos” Epidemic

On November 10, over 100 Modern Orthodox high school students from across North America from 14 different schools traveled to Stamford, Connecticut, to attend a conference run by NCSY and the Orthodox Union, called NCSY JUMP...

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