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Rav Soloveitchik: The Lonely Man of Faith

In Halakhic Man, the Rav paints a picture of Jewish law as a guidebook that leads us from what to do to an orientation of how to be as a Jew. Rav Soloveitchik understands the details of Halacha to point us on how to live a deeply divine life in a deeply human world. 

In The Lonely Man of Faith, the Rav welcomes us into this solitude, and sanctifies our own loneliness alongside his. 

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Rav Kook: A Modern Day Seer
Rav Kook cuts through the suffering of the world, and teaches us that caring for your own people can be a doorway into caring more for all peoples, that tending to your inner world can be an entry point to tending to the outer world, and that the darker the world seems, the more our eyes can adjust to see the light.
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Shavuos Prayers
  The power of prayer and hisbodidus is so greatly underutilized - A simple conversation with Hashem could go such ...
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Reb Shayele: Give and Keep Giving
Reb Shayele left us with no ethical will, no famous sefer, and not even a large Chasidic lineage. Why has our generation merited to bask in the light of this lofty soul?
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