One Mitzvah at a Time Sticker


We can learn so much from our brothers and sisters in recovery. There is a lot of overlap between Jewish thought and the principles of 12 step programs. 

12 step progams talk about living "one day at a time". In difficult moments of recovery ODAAT often helps inspire an addict to just get through the day or the moment without using or drinking, but it also means so much more. Living one day at a time helps you be present in everything you do. If you are having a good day then be present in it and enjoy it and don't let possible future mishaps ruin the now. And if you are having a bad day then don't throw away everything you have built up until this point - Rather, use the tools you have learned to get through the pain and get through the day without using. One day at a time.

As Jews we can do the same. We must remember the big picture, think about our greater goals, and large scale aspirations like the bringing of Mashiach. But we also need to remember to do one mitzvah at a time. Be present with each mitzvah, go slow, and move with intention. Do each mitzvah with a full heart and calm mind. And day by day we can build a foundation and accomplish our larger goals. After all, won't the Beis Hamikdash be built brick by brick?

If you are struggling with alcohol or other addictions check out or to find a local meeting click here. Help is out there, you are not alone!


Sticker is 2.2 inches wide and fits a phone, laptop or anywhere else!

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